Nikko Blues in Stoneware Pitcher

Nikko Blues in Stoneware Pitcher
16"x20" original oil on board

A progressive view of the painting process.
Start to finish, warts and all!
You can see the artistic license in deciding
to make the table all the way across the painting.
I also added a few flowers on the table to help
the design. The photo was taken so
you could see the set up...but note, I
didn't put in the rest of the dinning room.
It wasn't about the interior, but about the
hydrangeas and the way the light was so
beautifully shining on them, the table and the pitcher.
This was done completely from life not the photo.

Copyright of the artist 2008


Helen Read said...

Beautiful! I love seeing your progress and the steps you took, too!

Debra J.Sepos said...

Thanks Helen. Every painting is a journey of some sort. Lots of decisions along the way. Sort of like life!

Barbara Pask said...

Very nice Debra, this came out beautiful. Do you mix a medium in with your paint? Just curious. See you soon. Barb

Debra J.Sepos said...

Hi Barb,
Thank you for the nice comment.
I do use several mediums.
I start out with just turps, non smelly kind. I lay in the design and large values with that, then I switch to some Liquin in sparing amounts. Have to be careful with that, due to the fact that it will also take a layer off if it's not dry enough. For other areas I use Stand Linseed Oil...especially for light colors. I can use glazes with that. I give a coat of retouch varnish to give an even shine and bring out the depth when all is dry. The photo on the blog was taken before the retouch and there is some shine from reflection on the bottom left.
I never seem to have the correct colors with the camera either. The painting is much richer than it shows on the blog. Oh Well! Hope that helps.

Barbara Pask said...

Thanks Debra for all the info. Just interested to know how other people work. I really have a great time blogging and getting to know other artist's. Thanks again. Barb

indiaartist said...

It's beautiful. I loved seeing Pink and Green.

Debra J.Sepos said...

Thank you India artist for the nice comments. I went to your blog and found some very nice paintings.
Have you been to Debbie Miller's blog?
Your paintings remind me of her paintings. You have a similar color pallet.