A la carte Hydrangea

A la carte Hydrangea
5" x 7" original oil painting
gallery wrapped stretched canvas


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While arranging other stem clippings
into an old vintage teapot.
I set this lovely hydrangea blossom
onto this silver serving platter.
The reflective surface of the platter
picked-up the wonderful color hues
from the petals and leaves.
The A la carte blossom was such a
pretty serving I decided to capture it
on canvas for your lasting enjoyment.

Copyright of the artist 2013

Sweet in Silver, Hydrangea

Sweet in Silver, Hydrangea
8" x 10" original oil painting
gallery stretched canvas


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Those of you that have followed me and my
paintings over time know of my sweetness for hydrangeas.

This vintage silver sugar jar was the 
perfect host for these fresh clipped blossoms
with their abundance of beautiful petals.
The overflow rests nearby and its reflection
is in the sugar bowl.

The reflective quality of silver is 
enticing to paint with all the reflecting 
colors, lights, and shadows. The most 
fun thing to paint are the glints of bright lights.

Copyright of the artist 2013