Creamer and Daffodils

Creamer and Daffodils

6"x12" oil on gallery wrap linen, framing optional

Spring time beauties bursting with color.
Thought these looked so pretty in the
Antique Reflections pitcher.
They are almost overpowering though.
The tall flowers are set off by the extra long
linen canvas. It makes for an elegant looking
painting. Yellow light is bouncing all around.

Hope you like the close up details!


Copyright of the artist 2008


5"x7" original oil painting on gallery wrap linen...framing optional

This painting was done with an under painting of values.
I painted the whole painting in grays and then added the color
with several layers of glazes. I use glazes a lot normally,
but as I paint or on top of other colors. Doing an entire
under painting is a very old and time tested way of painting.
Many of the old masters painted this way. It does produce a
nice luminous quality.

Hope you enjoy!


Copyright of the artist 2008

First Blush & Brie

First Blush & Brie
10"x10" original oil painting on gallery wrap linen...framing optional

Many different surfaces to capture...porcelain, glass,
glossy painted surface, and cork and crackers. This was a
challenge, but I hope you think it turned out well.
I did this one a couple of weeks ago and had to look at it
a while. After a few glazes and more reflections I am happy.
I'm especially happy with the antique glass and the reflections.


Copyright by the artist 2008

Bone Dish and Grapes

Bone Dish and Grapes
6"x6" original oil painting on gallery wrap linen...framing optional

I'm pretty happy with they way this painting turned out.
I like the way the shadows work in the design.
I bought this lovely little bone dish on ebay to paint.
So glad I did. The only thing, I was surprised at how small it was.
I guess I should have figured a bone dish wouldn't be very big.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Little Chickadee

Little Chickadee
3.5"x5" pastel on Daler~Rowney pastel paper

Another pastel painting that I hope you will enjoy.
This little chickadee landed on our back porch.
He was busy making a nest in a bird house sitting there.
That was until the neighborhood cat was snooping around.

The painting will come with the same frame as the strawberries...
the pastel from yesterday. Just haven't put this one in the frame
as of yet.


Copyright of the artist 2008


3.5"x5" pastel on Daler~Rowney pastel paper
Nicely framed with glass to protect the pastel painting.

This is something a bit different today. An original pastel painting...
and yes, a pastel is considered a painting.

Pastels can last as long as an oil if they are properly treated.
They should not be in direct sunlight
or harsh lighting of any kind.
That should be the rule for all fine art, oils, watercolors,
drawings, and fine prints.
There are many pastels in museums that look as fresh as any oil.
Degas, just to name one artist.

Anyway, I only had a short time to paint today and thought I
would do a pastel. Now I'm covered with pastel dust instead of oil paint.
An under-painting still had to be established.
Then a build up from darks to lights. So much for quick.

Hope to have more pastels in the future. I really do like the feel
of the pastels and the color range.


Copyright of the artist 2008