Another Christmas Surprise

Oil on Canvas

This Christmas surprise was done from the photo above.
There are a few changes, as you can see. One is the negative
space between the couple. I chose to eliminate it to 
avoid a possible distraction. I used a couple of different 
photos so the expressions are a bit different too.

I have been painting portraits from life for several years.
Hopefully I've learned a little bit.   :-) 

If your interested in a commissioned portrait, please
contact me by email at

Copyright of the artist 2008-09

Rebecca's Niece

Now that Christmas has passed and 
presents have been opened...
time to show what I have been up to lately.
This is one of the paintings finished in time to 
ship before the big day.
I'll try to post the other one soon.

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas!
Merry Christmas to all!
Several commission pieces taking 
a front row seat lately.
Will share after Christmas.

Keep the real meaning of Christmas
close to your heart.

"Therefore the Lord Himself shall 
give you a sign;
Behold, a virgin shall conceive,
and bear a Son,
and shall call His Name Immanuel
Isaiah 7:14

Vintage rose

Vintage Rose
6"x12" original oil painting
gallery wrap linen


Another elongated painting that's dark and moody.
Considering the basket is vintage and this particular
rose bush is very old I set the lighting low to give an
overall vintage look.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Mood Lighting

Mood Lighting
6"x12" oil on linen
gallery wrap, no staples...framing optional


An elongated painting surface to accentuate
the horizontal movement of the hydrangeas
laying on the table. I liked the moody lighting
and almost monochromatic look of the mostly
green hydrangeas. Just a tinge of burgundy on
some and a little bit in the background for a

Copyright of the artist 2008

Waterloo 7 Gallery Opening Photos

We had lots of fun at
the opening last night.

The top photo is showing a portion of my paintings
in the show.

There were more, but you've seen some of them before.

Jerry, left, the gallery owner is with Jon Langford and Jerry's son
and new grandson. A very proud grandpa indeed! Jon, middle,
is in front of one of his paintings.

Towards the end of the evening

we were visited by a couple of bees and a rat.
Not a mouse, she
assured me she was a rat.

We had a nice crowd throughout the evening.

Note some of the sculptures in the gallery.
Jerry is very talented following in his father's footsteps.
A second generation artist....we may be looking at the
third and fourth.

Opening Night!

Opening Night is Tonight!
Waterloo 7
Studio and Gallery
Cleveland, Ohio
October 30th-November 29th

Featured Artist
Jon Langford
With a great supporting cast including myself
and several friends of mine...

Lin Anne Misja, Mina Huang, Dan Lindner, Debra J. Sepos
and others.

for a look at the owner of the gallery, Jerry Schmidt,
and a sample of his work.

As a special treat, Jon Langford is performing at the
Beachland Tavern

just across the street from the gallery at 9pm tonight.

Mr Personality

Mr Personality
6"x6" oil on linen
gallery wrap, no staples


Not much to say about this guy.
He speaks for himself.
I have a fondness for sheep of all kinds.
Haven't done one in a while. Animals have
such personality without saying a word.
Maybe people should take a cue from
some of the animals! :-)
They never seem to have a bad hair day either.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Reaching Out

Reaching Out
8"x10" original oil painting
gallery wrap canvas


One lone Clematis decided to bloom.
A last bit of drama for the summer.

A very busy fall with back to sub teaching.
Hope to get a least one thing posted a week,
maybe more.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Woven Vintage

Woven Vintage
5"x7" original oil
gallery wrap linen


Non reflective surfaces all around,
so I concentrated on petal turns and
not overworking the basket weave.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Bowl In A Box

Bowl In A Box
6"x6" original oil painting,
gallery wrap linen,
framing optional


Yet another painting of my Mother's vintage bowl.
I have an old wooden Royal Baking Powder box
that has a lot of character. Not much of the box is
showing in this painting, but it did add to the lighting
effect. The glow is from the indirect light
reflecting on the bowl. The rich browns and oranges
are from the box.
Just happens to be the compliment of the blues.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Gerber Daisy

Gerber Daisy
5"x7" original oil on linen
gallery wrap, framing optional


Just a quick study of a Gerber Daisy.
It had a nice soft light coming from the
dinning room window.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Phlox in Crystal

Phlox in Crystal
5"x7" original oil on linen
gallery wrap...framing optional


White is always a challenge.
A good look at the white reveals
more about the surrounding colors
than the white itself.

Similarly with glass and crystal, one paints all
the colors reflected in the glass and then the
highlights or sparkles.

Looking through the glass reveals a distorted
view of stems and a leaves.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Phlox, Lace and Pottery

Phlox, Lace and Pottery
6"x6" original oil painting on gallery wrap linen
framing optional


A borrowed bowl from my mother,
Phlox from my garden and a vintage lace
handkerchief make up this painting.
I tried to use economy in the strokes,
especially in the Phlox and the handkerchief.

I love this bowl and am trying to paint
several paintings before I give it back to
Mom. :-)
Here is another one that's sold.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Tucked In

Tucked In
6"x6" original oil on gallery wrap linen
framing optional


Nestled in a quilt and looking all tucked in.
I may need my eyes checked again after
this one. Just kidding, but it was hard to keep
track of all the design on the quilt.
It was fun making lemons look like they
were inside the blue bowl.

I like how it turned out.
Hope you do too.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Cobalt and Rose

Cobalt and Rose
5"x7" original oil painting on gallery wrap linen
framing optional

This is a re-post of this painting.
I am re-posting it because I moved it to the online auction mode.
I figured it would go unnoticed otherwise.
I guess I could say blue is my favorite color,
although I have many "favorite colors".
I seem to be drawn to cobalt dishes and bottles.
Vintage items are especially nice.

Copyright of the artist 2007

Abstract Petals

Abstract Petals
6"x6" original oil painting, gallery wrap linen
framing optional

Up close and personal with a pink hydrangea.
Looking for the abstract in realism, patterns,
hard and soft edges and movement.


Copyright by the artist 2008

Gentle Light

Gentle Light 
16"x20" Original oil painting on canvas


Thought I would post a larger painting
for a change. This is an actual place near
our home. It's a lagoon with a bridge fashioned
after Monet's garden. A very beautiful and
peaceful place. Hope you enjoy!

Copyright of the artist 20011

Desktop Hydrangeas

Desktop Hydrangeas $89.00 includes shipping
5"x7" original oil painting


Just way to nice out to set up in the downstairs
studio, so I brought the paints upstairs and set
up on an antique desk. The light was coming in
the room from a window just to the left.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Nikko Blues in Stoneware Pitcher

Nikko Blues in Stoneware Pitcher
16"x20" original oil on board

A progressive view of the painting process.
Start to finish, warts and all!
You can see the artistic license in deciding
to make the table all the way across the painting.
I also added a few flowers on the table to help
the design. The photo was taken so
you could see the set up...but note, I
didn't put in the rest of the dinning room.
It wasn't about the interior, but about the
hydrangeas and the way the light was so
beautifully shining on them, the table and the pitcher.
This was done completely from life not the photo.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Pink and Green

Pink and Green
6"x6" original oil on gallery wrap linen
framing optional


Another loose study of hydrangeas.

Endless Summer variety...very interesting
hydrangeas with several different colors
on the same bush. It's also changing as
the season progresses. There are several
shades of blues and pinks.

Very inspirational for the artist in me.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Lilies In Blue And White

Lilies In Blue And White
5"x7" original oil on gallery wrap linen
framing optional


Another painting making hay
of all the garden flowers.

Lilies are a challenge with all
the leaf turns, shadows, and
color changes.

What fun!

Copyright of the artist 2008

Overflowing, Pink Hydrangea

Overflowing, Pink Hydrangea
5"x7" original oil on gallery wrap linen


Endless Summer Hydrangeas in the
Johnson Brother's creamer. A romantic English castle and
hydrangea. I'm trying to work on staying loose
again. For an artist that has spent a long
time doing very detailed close up
illustration...not as easy as one would
think. But, it's a goal of mine to be
more spontaneous and expressive.
All the while still keeping the form,
light and shadows realistic.

Let me know how I'm doing!

Copyright of the artist 2008

Lavender On White

Lavender On White
5"x7" original oil painting on linen
gallery wrap...framing optional


I didn't notice while I was painting this one
that the white cloth looks like mountains
in the background. Didn't know if I should
change it or not. The longer I look at
the painting the more it seems right.

I would be interested to know what you think.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Pale Blue Hydrangea

Pale Blue Hydrangea
8"x10" original oil on gallery wrap linen
framing optional, standard size


Ahhh, the hydrangeas are back in bloom.
These by far are my favorite flowers.
I really enjoy painting them.

There is so much editing a artist has
to make, even in a simple set up.
The flowers are so detailed with
so many small flowers that make up the
larger ball. In this painting I tried to be
loose and more suggestive. I'm not trying
to be an illustrator in this painting, but
be more painterly.

The design of the page is meant to
drawn the eye into the vase, up the stems and
finally onto the flowers. The shadows help
bring the eye back and around.
Hope you think it works!

Copyright of the artist 2008

Asian Light

Asian Light
8'x10" original oil painting


A bit different for me.
I'm always looking for things to spark my interest.
I've had this silk embroidery for a long time.
Recently I found this small vase.
Combine that with the orchid and a painting
is in the making. I'm happy with the warm
colors contrasting with the cold hard vase.

Hope you enjoy looking as much as I
enjoy the painting process.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Crystal Pinks

Crystal Pinks
8"x10" original oil painting
gallery wrap linen, framing optional
standard size, easy framing if preferred


Loads of reflective light through the crystal
cake stand. I first had just the grapes, but
thought something was missing.
I had a peony close by and laid it down
and loved the colors in the stand as well
as on the cloth.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Red White and Blue

Red White And Blue
9"x12" oil on board
Not for Sale

This is the one year anniversary of my blog!
Thought I would put up a little patriotism
due to the closeness of the 4th of July.
This painting is not for sale, because it hangs in
my dinning room. I like it there very much.

I wish I could say I had painted 365 paintings
in the past year, but I can't say that.
I did post 116 paintings. Wow, that's still a
lot of paintings! Especially considering
all that has happened in this past year.

I have enjoyed the journey and hope to
post even more in the coming year.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Closing For The Evening

Closing For The Evening
5"x7" original oil painting
canvas board, standard size framing


This one you have seen before.
I had posted it last year, July 3.
In looking at it over and over,
I decided it needed a little tinkering.
So the lights are a bit stronger
on the larger lily, making it a
stronger painting overall.
It's hard to tell in the photo,
but the lights are more dramatic.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Big Peony, Little Roses

Big Peony, Little Roses
5"x7" original oil on gallery wrap linen
framing optional...standard size


At one of my art group critiques
a fellow artist said the Spring Bouquet
Painting (see May 22, 08 post)
reminded her of Edouard Manet's small bouquets in crystal vases.
Wow, what a compliment!
Most of those paintings were
evidently painted in his later years.
His friends would bring him flowers,
because his age didn't allow him to
plein air paint or get out much.
Sounds like he had great friends.
You will see more of this theme.
I love to painting flowers and crystal.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Hot Mail

Hot Mail
6"x12" original oil painting
gallery wrap staples showing
framing optional


On a trip out west a couple of years ago,
we visited a ski resort in Nevada. It was
a beautiful place, but it was in August and
the temps were running about 98*- 110*.
Of course the artist in my found these mail
boxes interesting. This is only about 1/3
of the boxes...standing patiently, each with
it's own personality waiting for mail.
Nice light and shadows.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Made In Slovakia

Made In Slovakia5"x7" original oil painting
gallery wrap linen...
framing optional, standard size
no staples showing

A new pitcher from the neighborhood
garage sale. The only identifying mark
was the country of origin, thus the title.

I tried to pick up on all the reflected
light. Even the yellow rim was bouncing
yellow onto the white body and the cloth.
Copyright of the artist 2008

Just Resting

Just Resting
5"x7" original oil painting
gallery wrap linen...framing optional
fits standard size frame


Borrowed this bowl from my mother.
I have always liked it, but I'm a
blue and white person.
This particular peony smells better
than a rose. The two together
made a nice glow of color.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Choosing Sides

Choosing Sides

5'x7' original oil painting, gallery wrap linen

framing optional, standard size


As I set this still life up the cherry stems
seemed to be conveying a message...
kind of a 'them against us tension'.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Early Morning

Early Morning


A couple of weeks ago our neighborhood
had our yearly garage sale. As I sat
with the 'stuff' my neighbor's garage
was beautifully lit with sunlight.
Had to come in a gather my paints
for a quick study. Of course by the time
I gathered everything the light had changed.
Patience...finished the next morning.
Thankfully the light was back and very
similar to the previous morning.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Peonies In Antique Vase

Peonies In Antique Vase
5"x7" original oil on gallery wrap linen,
framing optional...standard size


Really enjoyed painting the peonies!
One of my mother's antique vases...
not sure if it's a McCoy or a Hull.
It has a beautiful soft glaze.
I hope it's captured in this painting.

Copyright of the artist 2008


Peonies in Crystal

Peony and Basket

Both Sold
Peony happy while they were in bloom.
Gone for this season. Both these are
original oil paintings.
The top painting is a 10"x10"
and the lower one is an 8"x10".
They were commissioned by a very lovely patron.

Copyright of the artist 2008

First Peony

First Peony
5"x7" oil on wrap
framing optional...standard size


A long wait in Ohio for the peony blooms.
Such a cold the blooms are have
burst open and are gone in a flash with the 90*
temps. Preferring to paint from life,
I had to paint fast to keep up with the
opening buds.

An artist not only has to be a great observer,
but patient!

Copyright of the artist 2008

Blue & White Tea Pot & Grapes

Blue & White Tea Pot & Grapes
8"x10" oil on gallery wrap linen...framing optional
no staples on the edges
If you prefer framing, this is a standard size.

Was longing for more blue and white.


Copyright of the artist 2008