Desktop Hydrangeas

Desktop Hydrangeas $89.00 includes shipping
5"x7" original oil painting


Just way to nice out to set up in the downstairs
studio, so I brought the paints upstairs and set
up on an antique desk. The light was coming in
the room from a window just to the left.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Nikko Blues in Stoneware Pitcher

Nikko Blues in Stoneware Pitcher
16"x20" original oil on board

A progressive view of the painting process.
Start to finish, warts and all!
You can see the artistic license in deciding
to make the table all the way across the painting.
I also added a few flowers on the table to help
the design. The photo was taken so
you could see the set up...but note, I
didn't put in the rest of the dinning room.
It wasn't about the interior, but about the
hydrangeas and the way the light was so
beautifully shining on them, the table and the pitcher.
This was done completely from life not the photo.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Pink and Green

Pink and Green
6"x6" original oil on gallery wrap linen
framing optional


Another loose study of hydrangeas.

Endless Summer variety...very interesting
hydrangeas with several different colors
on the same bush. It's also changing as
the season progresses. There are several
shades of blues and pinks.

Very inspirational for the artist in me.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Lilies In Blue And White

Lilies In Blue And White
5"x7" original oil on gallery wrap linen
framing optional


Another painting making hay
of all the garden flowers.

Lilies are a challenge with all
the leaf turns, shadows, and
color changes.

What fun!

Copyright of the artist 2008

Overflowing, Pink Hydrangea

Overflowing, Pink Hydrangea
5"x7" original oil on gallery wrap linen


Endless Summer Hydrangeas in the
Johnson Brother's creamer. A romantic English castle and
hydrangea. I'm trying to work on staying loose
again. For an artist that has spent a long
time doing very detailed close up
illustration...not as easy as one would
think. But, it's a goal of mine to be
more spontaneous and expressive.
All the while still keeping the form,
light and shadows realistic.

Let me know how I'm doing!

Copyright of the artist 2008

Lavender On White

Lavender On White
5"x7" original oil painting on linen
gallery wrap...framing optional


I didn't notice while I was painting this one
that the white cloth looks like mountains
in the background. Didn't know if I should
change it or not. The longer I look at
the painting the more it seems right.

I would be interested to know what you think.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Pale Blue Hydrangea

Pale Blue Hydrangea
8"x10" original oil on gallery wrap linen
framing optional, standard size


Ahhh, the hydrangeas are back in bloom.
These by far are my favorite flowers.
I really enjoy painting them.

There is so much editing a artist has
to make, even in a simple set up.
The flowers are so detailed with
so many small flowers that make up the
larger ball. In this painting I tried to be
loose and more suggestive. I'm not trying
to be an illustrator in this painting, but
be more painterly.

The design of the page is meant to
drawn the eye into the vase, up the stems and
finally onto the flowers. The shadows help
bring the eye back and around.
Hope you think it works!

Copyright of the artist 2008

Asian Light

Asian Light
8'x10" original oil painting


A bit different for me.
I'm always looking for things to spark my interest.
I've had this silk embroidery for a long time.
Recently I found this small vase.
Combine that with the orchid and a painting
is in the making. I'm happy with the warm
colors contrasting with the cold hard vase.

Hope you enjoy looking as much as I
enjoy the painting process.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Crystal Pinks

Crystal Pinks
8"x10" original oil painting
gallery wrap linen, framing optional
standard size, easy framing if preferred


Loads of reflective light through the crystal
cake stand. I first had just the grapes, but
thought something was missing.
I had a peony close by and laid it down
and loved the colors in the stand as well
as on the cloth.

Copyright of the artist 2008

Red White and Blue

Red White And Blue
9"x12" oil on board
Not for Sale

This is the one year anniversary of my blog!
Thought I would put up a little patriotism
due to the closeness of the 4th of July.
This painting is not for sale, because it hangs in
my dinning room. I like it there very much.

I wish I could say I had painted 365 paintings
in the past year, but I can't say that.
I did post 116 paintings. Wow, that's still a
lot of paintings! Especially considering
all that has happened in this past year.

I have enjoyed the journey and hope to
post even more in the coming year.

Copyright of the artist 2008