Red On Top

Red On Top

5" x 7" original oil painting
premium canvas board


Reflected light and color

is such a wonderful thing.

Little bits of shapes and shadows
in the right place and the

painting starts to take form.

Then comes the icing
on the cake, the highlights!

The silver porringer picks up the

reflected bits of color from

the pomegranate and the kiwi.

Copyright of the artist 2009


Unknown said...

Such beautiful paintings from another Ohioan ;-)

Unknown said...

Oh, and I have one of those pewter measuring things too! I should paint it. Got in Cincinnati at the Train Depot Museum quite a few years ago on a field trip with my son and husband (we home-schooled our son).

Debra J.Sepos said...

Thanks Donna, Whoo Hoo for Ohio!