Commission Painting

Commission Garden Painting
Oil on board, custom frame
approx 22" x 39"


This is a recent painting done by using elements
from the patrons garden. The vintage statue was
an important element as well as the lily pond.
In reality they are many feet away from each other.
The artist can use these elements and create a
new reality. I guess you can say I was in the
moving business. The lake and most of the trees
are there in reality. It was also a coordinated effort
between what the patron desired and a highly respected
interior designer. The patron picked the subject,
the designer picked the frame, and I painted the painting.
I have been working on this since the beginning of the year.
This painting has a higher degree of finish that most
of the small paintings on the blog.

Commissions are alway welcome!

Copyright of the artist 2009

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