On the Edge, Sparrow

On the Edge, Sparrow
4"x6" oil on gallery wrap canvas
framing optional


They're back! Our sparrow family is working
diligently to stuff the bird house to the brim.
Last year they had three broods of about 4 eggs
each. That's 12 babies! There is no way to tell if
they are the same couple, but regardless, they
are very hard workers just like last year.
The house is on the front of the garage and the birds
tolerate us walking by with the dog and going about
our daily comings and goings. I can stand on my tip
toes and look in.

Maybe a couple of paintings coming.
Hope you can enjoy
the couple as much as we do.

Copyright of the artist 2009


Lindy Gaskill said...

What a sweet birdie! I just discovered your blog. I'll check out your other work too! Thanks for the inspiration!

Debra J.Sepos said...

Thank you Lindy!
I went to your blog...it's great and inspirational.

Helen Read said...

So cute and fuzzy! You really captured the little bird well!