5"x7" original oil painting on gallery wrap linen...framing optional

This painting was done with an under painting of values.
I painted the whole painting in grays and then added the color
with several layers of glazes. I use glazes a lot normally,
but as I paint or on top of other colors. Doing an entire
under painting is a very old and time tested way of painting.
Many of the old masters painted this way. It does produce a
nice luminous quality.

Hope you enjoy!


Copyright of the artist 2008


Barbara Pask said...

Hi Debra, I know I would love it if you would post photos of your paintings as you go along. Like with this, the under painting, the painting and glazing. Please consider. Barb

Helen Read said...

Beautiful, Debra! Very nice composition and the color pops!

jywheeler said...

Beautiful Debbie!!! You do such lovely work.

Debra J.Sepos said...

Thanks to all for the kind comments.
I would like to do some in progress posts...have to become more tech savvy as well as have more time.
Maybe this summer when I don't have to worry about teaching school.
Thanks again.