Recently Sold

Some of these paintings didn't get listed on the blog before they were sold.
Thought you might want to see them anyway.

The Sunny Seven sold to a wonderful lady I've know for a long time, but had no idea she had seven sisters. We had a good chuckle as she didn't see the title until she
had purchased the painting!

Three's Company

Sunny Seven, Sheep

Images Copyright of the artist 2008


Barbara Pask said...

Hi Debra, I recently saw some of your paintings on Ebay. Wow, I love your art, it's really lovely. I have been painting seriously for about two years and I hope one day to be as good as you are. I mostly paint still lifes. Stop by and visit my blog if you get a chance and I'd appreciate anything you might have to say about my work. Take care, Barb

Helen Read said...

Good to see you are back! I really like the work you've just posted... and I'm curious about your Ebay store. Do you find it a good place list your work??