Spring Read

Spring Read
6"x6" oil on gallery wrap linen...framing optional

Taking advantage of all the spring flowers.


Exciting news...Last week I was presented with signature
status in one of the art groups I belong to.
I now have that status in two groups,
The Women's of League of Akron
and The Akron Society of Artist.
With much fan fair and congrats last Wed. I was
granted a certificate and a pin for the ASA group.

It's an honor to be considered by your peers
to be accomplished enough and be granted this status.
For those of you not accustomed to art and it's lingo,
one has to be reviewed in critiques over a long period of time.
Each month our group has such a "critique".
We all bring one or two pieces to be reviewed and the
membership committee takes notes and keeps records of
the paintings we bring. The peers include many professional
artists of national recognition. Thus the feeling of honor!

Copyright of the artist 2008

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Helen Read said...

Congratulations on your recognition! Well deserved!! Also, I really like this still life.